Right-wing violence in Hamburg from 1945
Karte von Hamburg

This website, developed as part of the HAMREA research project, provides information about events, people, and networks involved in far-right violence in Hamburg between 1945 and 2023. Using many incidents, it gives an overview of the development and the long history of far-right violence in the city. The actual number of violent incidents connected to the far-right is many times higher.

The incidents we have chosen to highlight are meant to make it clear how far-right violence is a daily threat for those at whom it is directed. We have also spotlighted forms of political and civic protest.

You can use the map of Hamburg to see them from a localised perspective, follow the timeline to research chronological sequences, or read the articles to explore topics in greater depth.

The list of incidents of far-right violence in Hamburg includes only few acts of violence against poor, disabled, and queer people. This lack is due to the sources available and the current state of research. We would welcome further research on this topic.

This website addresses various forms of violence – from marginalisation to murder. It contains quotes and images that may be disturbing or traumatising.