In Hamburg and surrounding areas, at least 12 people have died in recent decades as a direct result of extreme right-wing violence or indirectly from its consequences.

In Germany, acts of right-wing violence have only been recorded as such since 1990. By the end of 2020, the Federal Criminal Police Office had recorded 113 cases. This compares to 214 deaths documented by the Amadeu Antonio Foundation. In addition, there are numerous cases in which right-wing violence is suspected, and many more acts of violence in which a right-wing motive was never investigated.

These figures do not include people who took their own lives because of feelings of low self-worth or marginalisation due to racism, who died while fleeing deportation, or who died in connection with institutional racism such as the administration of emetics, a violation of human rights. Such deaths have occurred in Hamburg. Following are the stories of people who have died as a result of right-wing violence or racism. In the film Es bleiben tiefe Spuren. Betroffene rechter Gewalt berichten (Deep scars remain. Victims of far-right violence report), survivors and relatives talk about what they have experienced and the reactions of the government and society.