About us

This website presents the conclusions of the research project ‘Hamburg rechtsaußen. Rechtsextreme Gewalt- und Aktionsformen in, mit und gegen städtische Gesellschaft 1945 bis Anfang der 2000er Jahre’ [The far-right in Hamburg. Right-wing extremist violence and forms of action in, with, and against urban society, 1945 to the early 2000s] (abbr: HAMREA).

HAMREA is a collaborative project between the Research Centre for Contemporary History in Hamburg (FZH), the Foundation of Hamburg Memorials and Learning Centres Commemorating the Victims of Nazi Crimes, and the Hamburg State Centre for Civic Education, running from 2023-2026. Funding was provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of its funding guideline ‘Current and historical dynamics of right-wing extremism and racism’.

For the FZH, Dr. Knud Andresen, Dr. Daniel Gerster, and Dr. Kerstin Thieler, under project-leader Prof. Dr. Thomas Großbölting, have undertaken the research of the extreme right in Hamburg and the reactions of the city and of society.

The Foundation of Hamburg Memorials and Learning Centres provided the research results for their traveling exhibition Right-wing Violence in Hamburg from 1945 to the Present. Lennart Onken, Alyn Šišić, and Clara Mansfeld worked on the project and developed content.

Ronja Heinelt and Jonas Spengler were responsible for the concept and the texts for the website.

Do you have questions about the project or about particular subjects? Feel free to contact us at the Forschungsstelle für Zeitgeschichte in Hamburg: hamrea@zeitgeschichte-hamburg.de