The travelling exhibition Right-wing Violence in Hamburg from 1945 until the Present, curated by the Foundation of Hamburg Memorials and Learning Centres Commemorating the Victims of Nazi Crimes, was an important foundation for the information on this website.

The exhibition, which opened in 2024, tell the stories of the victims of far-right violence in Hamburg. At the same time it shines a light on both the perpetrators and the old and new Nazi networks. It shows the development of far-right violence in Hamburg over several decades, as well as forms of social and political opposition.

The 38 panels of this exhibition are available online.

The exhibition is available for loan upon assumption of transport costs and insurance.

More information:
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Tel.: +49 40 428131546
E-Mail: lennart.onken@gedenkstaetten.hamburg.de

Titel und Informationen zur Ausstellung, im Hintergrund eine bearbeitete Fotografie von zwei Männern, die eine Hakenkreuzschmierei entfernen